Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Building The Support Crew

I have registered for the Ironman World Championships, within 24 hours of announcement of the results of the lottery.
Meanwhile, to commit to my new challenge (and dream triathlon event) I have initiated the following task:
1) Signed up and paid for the race.
2) Written and received responses from my friend who completed his Ironman in Kona last year. I have gleaned his insights and hindsights about his race plans and execution.
3) I am designing a 6-month training program that focuses on my weakness, i.e swimming. I will also focus on enhancing my riding, which poses the largest potential for improvement.
4) I have sought the assistance of a strong rider (Craig) and swimmer (Marco) who will train with me and help me get fitter and stronger.
5) I will invest more time on swimming and riding, to ensure a more fresh and sustainable body for the marathon.
6) I have assigned my swimming stroke correction to a swim-coach. He has begun teaching me drills, and providing useful feedback on my swimming ability.
7) I have begun building up my fitness from my post-race hiatus. It has been six weeks since Ironman New Zealand, and that has been a useful gauge of my fitness (and my areas of development).
8) Strengthening my core-fitness and body strength (with weights and resistance training).
9) I have undergoing active rehabilitation of my unstable and sore shoulder-joint (posterior capsule).

Picture: Courtesy of Richard Leong
These interventions and initiatives should provide me with a clear direction and strength of purpose for my quest-for-best in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. I am optimistic about my performance and excited about the race. I am grateful for the opportunity, and mindful of the responsibility I bear. I look forward to being a Kona-finisher, since our first Singaporeans did since 1991. 

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