Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fitted To Lead?

If the shoe fits, wear it. But make sure that you have a pair; otherwise, you will walk funny.

I paid a visit to the new Elite Bicycles bike-fitting office in Singapore. Over the last two days, this niche bicycle fitting shop has been featured in several online websites including SlowTwitch and XTri.Com.

As I chatted with one of the three equal owners and directors, F.I.S.T.-certified Daphne Wee and her lead bike mechanic I learnt why it takes four hours to thoroughly fit a bike to its rider. A poorly fitted bike can undermine the serious rider’s capability, and even put him/her at a serious risk of injury.

In effect, do you want to adjust your bike to your natural body structure or adopt a whole new posture while riding a built to generic standards? In an old Guinness Stout television commercial, the protagonist states: ‘Man must change his environment to suit himself!’

As a staff in an organization, you will need to consider this: how do I fit in, or how do I adapt to the new environment? The same goes for job fit. If the job description and scope is not what you really want, then your performance may suffer, eventually. Why do we subject ourselves to the torture of doing something we dislike? Why not take the time to find out what we are passionate about doing, and excelling in it?

Some new employees quit if they do not fit into the company culture. If your personal style is outrageous, your conservative colleagues may ostracize you.

Fit in, get fitted or be fit.

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daftbitch said...

Being a personal buddy of the mechanic of Elite, i know my bike would be in safe hands.

I went a couple of days ago with Yongfeng to chat with Daphne and to check out Elite. Decent setup. The girl has a good head on her shoulders, and knows what she is doing. I wish her the best in this very competitive and challenging community.