Thursday, February 11, 2010

Doing What Has To Be Done

Today, I facilitated a class for about 30 teachers. Despite a persistent headache and the stinging of several healing wounds, I had a co-facilitator with me. The partnership worked well, and I learnt from the questions raised during the session.

Why is it during personal adversity, that we shift focus on things around us? Why does adversity seem like a relief after it is over? There appears to be less clarity for us while we are in the midst of the crisis than when it is over. Perhaps, the reason why we experience different foci is because we turn on our insight, hindsight and foresight? This is an internal process that appears mostly unconsciously; it just switches on. When I was out for about eight minutes, I may have reset my brain for I am experiencing new emotions and insights. The proverbial knock on the head may have knocked some sense into me – being uncommon sense.

One thing I observed today that was, when we have an argument we may be agreeing on the same thing. However, our passionate expressions may mask how we may be interpreting the argument in a different way. The challenge is when a person is strongly literal and structured in their work orientation, and another is more abstract and intuitive. Forms are part of a system, measurement is another, and there is a human element where we talk through things. Workplace performance is measured in different ways, focused on tangibles and intangibles, and is based on our personal/professional interest and choice to assist a staff fully and thoroughly.

If I had passed on this teaching opportunity today, I may not have enjoyed such sights and sense. I am glad I did it, instead of shying away from it. As one of the managers of the Pike Place Fish Company in Seattle said on the video of FISH! ‘You are here…now do what you have to do!’

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