Friday, June 29, 2018


To weekend-athletes-warriors and serious age-group athletes: Wherever you are based, whichever sport you are passionate about, whatever you do as a profession, whatever your Cause - we salute you!
Effort outside our profession, day-job, or work demands more energy, motivation, and strength of purpose. We see you run-ride-swim-skate-ski-plough yourself on the roads, trails, pool, sea, gym - working relentlessly on your personal or shared goals, without recognition or praise or reward - that delivers a message of hope, optimism, earnestness, determination, and many other values that define YOUR CHARACTER.
What we do in public is expectedly a 'mask' or 'face' that we are likely to display well. What occurs outside, where you are bathed in sweat, and sometimes, blood and tears speaks volumes of your Inner Universe.
Keep doing what defines you. Keep enduring despite what naysayers attempt to dampen you. Persist when the climate of doubt and uncertainty is overwhelming, and when it is so easy to cave in and surrender to conformity and pressure of GroupThink. Dig deep and reflect on your passion, sport, art, and any other Forms of Self-Expression. You inspire me, and many others hoping to feel your nudge and guiding hands to achieve the unimaginable and unbelievable.
Sweep away some of your doubt, worry and anxieties. Set larger and hopeful goals. Practise patience and baby steps. Put one foot forward. Take a step at a time. Fall twice, rise thrice. Cough away bad thoughts, spit out your weakness, and swallow your pride.
Delve Deeper, Push Harder, Focus Clearly, and Define Yourself! BE THE BEST YOU THAT YOU CAN BE!
We will be cheering you on!

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