Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Year of Focused Discipline

I will begin this year's post on what is, oddly, an unusual theme: Discipline.

My goals for this year are to apply focused discipline, so as to deliberately realign my efforts to wards purposeful use of my efforts. How we spend our efforts - with a mindful goal - may then translate into results. The use of discipline can reduce inefficiencies, increase our professionalism and enhance our credibility.

Discipline need not be a painful thing. It can be reframed as being more structured, more organised, committing to goals, learning new things, doing new things, and doing what needs to be done. In terms of behaviors, it may mean committing to sleeping earlier, spending less time on social media, reading a few more books, doing in-depth research for a report, rehearsing more before a presentation, or eating better. It can be, as simple as, finishing what you began.

By focus, I will magnify the important, details, and the overlooked. I will pay heed to risks, pay attention to others, pay homage to those who need recognition, and paying it forward. It means using my three sights more: insight, hindsight and foresight. It may require that I use different lenses to identify perspectives, and consider then when making decisions.

Leadership Lessons: Awaken your leader within you - be it within your industry, business, community, profession and in your own consciousness and awareness. Be focused in how you sensibly treat others and influence them.

Have a splendid year ahead!

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