Friday, April 3, 2015

Twitter Conversations: Shifting Thoughts

Twitter: A platform for text-based communication online.
Tweets: A short, text-based, message not exceeding 140 characters.

I have been back on Twitter over the past two months. I was focused on using Facebook as my main platform of communication, sharing my knowledge, tacit wisdom, and opportunities. My Followers have increased by about 1,000 since I activated my account. It was a passive 660, but the growth has been spectacular with many active connections.

I use Twitter to share my stories about my races, training, leadership perspectives, and social media insights. With the advent of pictures, Twitter functions like Facebook (FB) however with the 140-character-per-post limit.

I was invited to, and have joined a virtual running community called 'Earthathon' and I belong the group called 'RunderfulRunners'. We aim to cover 25,000 miles within a year as a collective group. I have just completed my first 12km, since I am preparing for Ironman Lanzarote (May). I have posted pictures of my new sponsors, too, spreading and 'sneezing' what I think are useful ideas.
My new Ceepo Venom bike.
I am also actively connected to communities of leaders, authors, social media experts, runners, triathletes, and inspiring people. Everyone is special and has something to express and share.
New race attire from Jabra.
I will update you on more of these conversational gems. It is good to be back blogging.

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