Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Re-Booted and Re-Loaded

It has been a while since I updated this blog-site. I have my reasons and excuses, however they are irrelevant and not useful. As we have proposed, time and again, excuses can limit us in many ways especially through our behaviors. Our actions and inactions can lead us to outcomes and results that we vary in their impact on our expectations.

The first three years, I blogged almost daily. When Seth Godin suggested this challenge, I was intrigued and curious. Would it be possible? How would I begin? How would I sustain it? What if I missed a day or more, due to other commitments and priorities? These questions were answered in due course as I initiated the process of blogging, content development, content management, learning to use Social Media 2.0, and more.

Having accomplished this major challenge, I embarked on a journey of physical challenges that rode parallel with my writing and reporting. The purpose of this blog was to be a frontispiece for leadership through sport - endurance sports, in particular. Most of these challenges were accomplished, save for several others that I would have to reconsider and decide on. In the process, I met more amazing athletes, innovators and people who live a life of excellence.

We will continue to operate as a platform for sharing, but extended actively and deliberately into teaching and coaching. You can pose your questions, concerns and feedback and we will respond accordingly. Remember our mantra: Pay it forward. More to follow. Cheers. 

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