Thursday, June 12, 2014

Recent Race Roundup & Reality Checks

It has been a while since I have posted. I have resumed preparation for my next A-races, with a few B-races under my belt. I enjoyed two recent assessments on my ride and run, and I have a stronger sense of direction on how to enhance my fitness, focus and decisiveness-in-action.

After completing my Big-3 Races (Boston Marathon, AP Ironman Championships, Ironman NZ) in March and April, I have recovered from my fatigue and mild injuries. No major injuries, I assure you, but signs and indicators of athlete's wear-and-tear. I suspect muscle imbalance, and I will be testing this; and joint issues, mainly in my knees (sounds, and mild soreness after long training or racing sessions). Testing and assessment will be my priority these coming weeks, with rehabilitation (strengthening and correct muscle activation/firing sequence) the order of the day.
I completed the 21km section of the Sundown Marathon. It was a new route, with a challenging climb up the famous Benjamin Sheares Bridge (named after our second President of Singapore) in the latter part of the race. I arrived in 1:45 (a far cry from my 1:33 best), and in 44th place in the Male category, and about 51st overall (including the Female category). I was pleased with it as I still kept an consistent moving-average pace. I had mild preparation with about three, 10km-runs, weekly. So, with more endurance-based runs I hope to lock in  a good timing in the Ironman 70.3 triathlon in Cebu in early-August.  Also, on the cards, is a major goal of cracking the my 21km PB, and a bonus of a sub-1:30 at the AHM 21km Run in September.
I also completed the TRI-Factor 60km ride, part of the complete series I have been sponsored for. In my current shape, I cracked my personal time on this fairly hairy 6-loop course. I placed in the top-33 percent, which means I have to continue focusing on speed work, and achieve a consistent pace for the full 90km in Cebu. I am taking a big crack on my half-Ironman PB with my renewed fitness, so this achievement was satisfying.

I am exploring a few more, short-course races - my main goal for the rest of this year will be racing and assessment. I am curious about what kind of speed I am capable of doing in the Olympic Distance triathlon, the half-Ironman, and the half-marathon. My A-goals for next year are to meet a career-best timing of near-3-hours for a marathon, and qualify for Boston Marathon in 2016. And, perhaps another two Ironman across two continents.

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