Thursday, May 1, 2014

Behind An Interview (Boston Strong)

What goes on behind an interview? I am interviewed here by Channel NewsAsia (CNA) after my completion of 118th Boston Marathon (Boston Strong). I was among 16 Singaporeans who attended this edition, with about 32,000 runners and over-1 million spectators who lined from Hopkinton to Cropley Square. The interview was featured the following evening on the 10.00pm news highlights. The two journalists, Nick and Patrice, worked as a team - one in front of the camera; the other, behind it. Essentially, I was interviewed as to why I decided to attend Boston Strong. My responses were thus: Firstly, the Boston Marathon is the world's oldest marathon, and the 'holy grail' of marathons. Secondly, we had assurance and reassurances months before the event. Lastly, the support by the city and first-responders were overwhelmingly strong.
Given another attainment of a personal best (PR) timing, I would surely return for another shot in a future edition of the 42.195km race.

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