Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Got My Boston Passport: Boston Stronger!

I, finally, received my Boston Passport in the mail. I was, probably, the last one on my team (Singapore) to get my ticket of assurance.

This is my first attempt at Boston Marathon, my second in the World Major Series and I hope to finish in a decent time. However, I will not be bludgeoning myself silly to get a personal best timing as the course is tougher, with elevations and a likely colder climate. Parts of the north of New York is still cold, and I am not friendly with cold climes. 

I did three 10km runs last week, and yesterday a 21km run (at a comfortable 1:55 pace). I have lost significant speed, and if I am at all close to last December's fitness (at the Singapore Marathon 2013, minus the muscle strain injury), I would be very pleased. Otherwise, it will be a comfortable attempt to finish sub-4 hours.

Already I know that two Singaporeans - physically-challenged athletes - will not be going. I wish them all the best for a future showing. Meanwhile, I still have work to do: to recover fully from two Ironman triathlon completions in March and have enough to have a solid experience with thousands of amazing and better marathoners.

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