Thursday, March 6, 2014

Badge of Achievements

Badges are signs of identity. They are used to allow us to identify with a group, tribe or community. Uniforms are an extension of these identifications, so by wearing them we are associated as being from the same team, business unit or company. When weekend athletes wear race t-shirts, it brings together others who completed the same race.

This is my new badge I earned from my 17th completion of an Ironman triathlon. It also reflects the fact that this was the 30th edition of the race's history in New Zealand. Personally, this marks one of my most challenging races in recent years. Although I did not perform as I expected, yet I take personal pride for completing it. I enjoyed a sense of achievement and satisfaction from finishing the race. I am about one year away from my next qualifying age-group.

Leadership Lesson: Which was your last badge of achievement? How did you earn it? How did you feel when you earned this badge? How do you feel when you look at this badge?

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