Thursday, June 27, 2013

Pre-GCAM 2013

It is about a week from the Gold Coast Airport Marathon 2013. On 7 July, I will join thousands of marathoners (running-mates), and dozens of Singaporeans to take on the cool and flat course on Surfer's Paradise.

The week-long haze assault has done its nefarious damage, distressing runners with this 'wrench in the cogs'. It has affected tapering plans, however, runners being who they uniquely are will find a way through the obstacles. I decided to train indoors, focused on riding on trainer and core strength development. With windows shut, and air-conditioning and ioniser on, I paid my dues. My longest ride was 3 hours and shortest about 75 minutes, however I made time for up to two such sessions a day. I completed the workout with a CrossFit-type session with basic exercises with my bodyweight, kettle-bell and balance-board. Already, I feel my core muscles are stronger and running gait more confident and activated.

With a mild improvement of the ambient air, I have run almost everyday (since Monday) with short 10km bursts. My first run after a week was a promising sub-50 minutes for the 10km. Other than mild puffing (I suspect the micro-particle count was still dangerously high), I managed a comfortable race-pace. My target is a sub-3:30, with a 3:24 my BQ goal9Boston 2014), and following the 3:15 pacers. The pacers at GCAM are very accurate and highly encouraging. I still have pleasant memories of my 2011 attempt running behind them; I completed that race in 3:32 as I was affected by hamstring cramps at the last six kilometres. This time, I am more patient with my pacing and will warm up well before I attempt a negative split on my return 21km.

It is what it is. After yesterday's sports massage, I will do a 21km this evening. One more assessment before I taper for the race. So far, my training for Kona is on-track, and on-target. Small gains, and committed efforts may spell a reasonably good performance on 12 October. Aloha!

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